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Top Google Adsense Alternative

Google Adsense is the best program for publishers to earn online. Several competitor media could, however, act as Google Adsense alternative and sometimes even...

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The Nokia 6 Will Be the Iconic Company’s First New U.S. Smartphone??
Nokia 6 is an Android smartphone that packs a punch: great performance, a bright full-HD display and sleek design.

Well,Nokia 6 is coming in to the Market by July @ $229


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Why Google May Ban Your Blog

Google is the top and best search engine scooping over 65% of the searches. In this way it has become a must have for any website or blog. However, Google has terms that must be followed if you need to continue being indexed with it.

A quality service is what Google is trying to provide their searchers with, so if your blog doesn’t impress them, then you are out.

Duplicate content

As I just said, Google is doing all it can to be the best by providing their visitors with the most appropriate information from their searches.

Google is made of humans and they know that there are lazy guys who would go and copy-paste contents to come up with website contents. Just as you would not like to read the same content from different blogs, others too would not like it. Google employs robots to find and ban sites that contain duplicate contents.

Robot marketing and submission

When I first started blogging and made my first blog, I came across these marketing robots that could submit my single content to over 500 directories. That’s when I almost got mad; I thought I was going to make a content everyday to submit to 500 sites. That could give me thousands of visitors daily.

It used to take time Google to find you those days but for now it takes you days. Don’t use them; instead there are very many ways to get your site quality traffic that won’t get Google on your neck.

Keyword-content irrelevance (stuffing)

Assuming that you want to go on holiday and you get to Google search page. If you choose to use a keyword like best holiday and you get results that include pages with microwaves, I am sure you won’t like the results and maybe you will think of choosing another search engine. This is why Google won’t spare you for misusing keywords. Use the keywords that relate to your site topics.

Mind who you link to

Don’t be so ignorant to find out the relationship between Google the site you are linking to. You need to know its reputation in the search engines. Google Pagerank will help you know how a site is given credits in the search engine. If you find a site with Pagerank of PR0 it means it has been banned and linking to it won’t be of help to your blog.

Don’t buy backlinks

Google does not like the buying of backlinks so be warned that anything can happen. Another reason that I won’t go buy backlinks is that acquisition of a large number of backlinks within a short period isn’t a good SEO practice. And do you really trust how they build backlinks for you? If you really have to buy backlinks then get it from someone who really understands SEO very well.

The best thing to do is to stick to the terms and use good optimization techniques that are available.

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