Two years ago, I didn’t know what a squeeze page is and if anyone could force me to say something about it, I would say it is a compressed page or maybe a page with a summary of other many pages. I don’t want to imagine the reaction of what the person could be. Anyway, it’s not a crime not to know what a squeeze page is. Before I share with you some awesome free squeeze page templates that one can use to build mailing list empires easily, lets first look at what a squeeze page is and what it is made up of.

A squeeze page is simply a web landing page that has information that would interest the targeted readers. The readers will then be required to opt-in to get more of the information. In most cases, opt-I will require name and email addresses which will later be used for newsletters or email marketing.

Basic components of a good squeeze page;

  • A good squeeze page design
  • Attention Grabber (Headline and subheadline)
  • A free gift
  • A small list of benefits (giving subscribers a reason to join)
  • An opt-in form
  • A Privacy Policy

Here are the easy to use squeeze pages that you can use to increase your list of subscribers without spending a dime on designs. What you just need to do is to edit it with an editor like Dreamweaver and put it live by uploading it to your FTP.

PPV Optin Template:

A very simple and nice template which is fit for any traffic source but works best with PPV. There is also another extra and a simpler one in the download page.

Instant squeeze page generator:

For this, it’s a little different, it’s not actually a template but a generator which outputs a very nice template. You can also attach one of the offers given to you as a free member, so you don’t have to go looking for a gift to use.I have used it and found it worth including in this list.

Final word with using the free squeeze page template.

It’s true that money is in the list but it comes only when you work for it. People still judge a book by looking at the cover, so it is good to use a squeeze page that stands out and attracts more opt-ins.

I mentioned how I just started without any knowledge of squeeze pages and here I am and I am preaching my love the email marketing. I have used the squeeze page templates and I would also recommend you try if you haven’t.



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