HostGator is one name that most people could recognize in a long list of web hosts. Founded by¬† Brent Oxley, HostGator is one among the top web hosting service providers, giving the users the access to unlimited facilities at good deals. It’s been around since 2002, and with every passing year, HostGator keeps progressing at unmatched pace and never fails to become the favorite pick of someone or the other. The user base will always act as a promotional factor, and HostGator is the largest web host with over 9 million domains residing in it.

It has recently launched its premium product called the Host Gator cloud and here are its highlights:


Highlights of HostGator Cloud:

  • Among other web hosts, that are either too down to earth or too tough to handle, HostGator manages to strike a balance between web page veterans and first-time users.
  • Their uptimes were initially staggering but later astonishingly managed to bring them up to an average of 99.9%, as stated by various reports. The fact behind being the all-time favorite is because of its friendly attribution towards its users.
  • Still better at performance, it keeps itself simple and modest catering to the needs of users with varying knowledge levels. You will no longer require an external assistance as HotGator will help you in managing your resources and also evaluate your performance effortlessly.
  • HostGator provides the assistance and support that its users require, at any hour of a day. Which means they are available at your service whenever you want them to be, keeping it as cordial and as obliging as possible.
  • By using the new HostGator Cloud, you load things 2 times faster and 4 times more scalable. It just bypasses the data migration, reboot or downtime procedure and does its job in a click.

Features at a quick glance:

Following are the three different packages available for a tenure of three years:

  1. The hatchling cloud priced at Rs.475 per month provides a single domain and supports local caching. With its unmetered bandwidth and unlimited storage, it’s been attracting users at large. The CPU is available up to 2 cores and a 2GB RAM.
  2. The baby cloud priced at Rs.645 per month comes with unlimited domain and 4 cores CPU availability. It has 4GB RAM and supports local caching. The bandwidth and storage are unmetered and unlimited respectively.
  3. The business cloud is available at Rs.875 per month with unlimited domains and CPU availability of 6 cores and 6GB RAM. It supports local caching and 1 Dedicated IP. Needless to say, its bandwidth and Storage capacity, are unmetered and unlimited respectively


Though this all seems to be great news, the tricky pricing standards and absence of social support channels are a bit disheartening.


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