How to get traffic from Google; This guide is all about getting website traffic from Google through different strategies. Today I discuss some important traffic strategies that one can use to get massive web traffic from Google.
Google has contributed to thousands of websites as a source of traffic and that been the reason webmasters need to focus on marketing their blogs and websites on Google platform to get a share of the millions of traffic from Google. Here are ways that you can use Google to get website traffic.

Organic Google search traffic

This is the most common way that webmasters use to get traffic from Google. Getting a page appear on the front pages of Google will, however, require some optimization to ensure that it is relevant and is the best result for people who are searching. There are various strategies and optimization factors used by the search engine to rank pages. Here are some important factors to consider to boost your traffic from Google search engine.

Google groups

Google groups are good places to establish yourself and also get good quality traffic, however, the amount of traffic will depend. Google groups, however, may not generate traffic steadily like the way it is in the Google search engine. Getting traffic from Google will depend on how active one is i.e. the more one is active the more their chances of getting more traffic.
The first thing is to join in at Google groups and then set up a good profile which is interesting, attractive and describes you as an expert in your niche. The next step is to become active and start your own group. As you become more active you will increase your chances of building a bigger community where you can easily turn them into your website traffic easily. Here is a very good post on how you can use Google groups for traffic.

Traffic from Google Plus

Just like Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform Google has its own that if used well can generate a lot of website traffic. There are two common strategies used by webmasters to get traffic from Google plus;
Google Circles- This is where you get to group yourself with other people to form a community of your own. And with this community is where you will be able to share your ideas and through the links that you share is where you get the website traffic. The more people you have in your Circles the more your chances to get traffic with this strategy.
Google +1– This is where it gets viral. When information is voted by getting a +1, then it is shared with the followers of the person who voted for it, therefore, getting more exposure and increasing the chances of the links getting clicked.
Google Plus tends to be more search engine friendly even as compared to Facebook and Twitter and through this, you can easily get more traffic to your site through the social network.

Google trends as a tool to snipe more traffic

Google trends tool is a good tool to analyze and find out the currently most searched keywords. Knowing the most searched keywords will help webmasters and internet marketers to know where to focus most.
To get started with Google trends visit Google trends where you can browse hot trends or search certain keywords. This Google service assists internet marketers and webmasters to know target market for certain products and services. An excellent way to get traffic is using it for PPC marketing where you can get lots of geo-targeted visitors easily.
You can as well write posts related to the searches that are of high demand, optimize them and with this, you can expect to get a reasonable amount of traffic from Google search engine which can yield more returns.


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