What is Word Press?

Word press is the most popular open-sourceCMS(content management system) supporting more than 60million users to manage their content and etch out something nice and legible. It helps you realize your standard by rating your content in terms of readability. Word press is used by approximately, more than 27% of 10 million websites as of February 2017.

Creating a blog within a matter of minutes, it gives you options to customize your blog at your discretion. It opens to a wide arena of facilities including worthy plug-ins, templates and writing tools. It is available in both free and paid versions the best part is that you enjoy almost everything in the free version and experience the unexpected the paid version giving users, either way, a win-win situation. It’s large scale users range from the Fortune 500 to a simple next-door individual.

Steps to install Word Press:

Before going to steps involved in the installation a good web hosting service provider is required. There are tons of such service providers available in the market at a considerable price. Some of the best picks are Hostgator, InMotion, SiteGround or BlueHost. Plans can be found on a monthly and annual basis. Since most of these top service providers maintain WordPress themselves, the job becomes easy for you.

Assuming that you already have a notepad or text editor and a Web Browser (preferably Chrome or Safari), you will require FTP( File Transfer Protocol) access for you web server, which will be provided to you by your web host provider. The next is FTP client which will help you to transfer files to the server.

What comes next, is simple:

  1. The latest version of WordPress is available on its website, WordPress.org. Download it.
  2. Using FTP, transfer the files to the web server
  3. Following this, a WordPress will require a proper user login and a MySQL database
  4. Finally configure WordPress and complete installation process, to get to the whole new world of writers and bloggers.

Follow these simple steps and join the global community to create contents of international standards. Not all writers are born, most of them are made. Try your luck, it’s not too late!



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