Web hosting is an activity or business of providing storage space and access for websites. The web host will store the website and makes it available on the internet platform. You will require the service of the web host when you wish to publish a website online. Your preference might vary depending on the service providers’ performance and price.

Hosting could be either shared or dedicated. In shared hosting, multiple websites reside on the same server. Whereas in dedicated hosting a server will hold only your website and your limit is that of the server, this will be the case if your website is popular, with huge information to be posted and consumes large space. So if your website is otherwise, that is small, requiring lesser bandwidth and consumes less disk space a shared web hosting will be an economical choice.

The top 5 shared web hosting service providers:


BlueHost provides a wide range of services at relatively low cost. If you find it okay with long term commitments, you probably must like BlueHost, though they do not provide services on a monthly basis they are good at what they do. So you can go for annual options and the longer you go, the better discounts you get. You pay some price annually that will probably bring your monthly expenses somewhere around $3.95. Seems like a deal!


It is a shared host that strikes a balance between price and performance. Unlimited domains and database services. Extends the support of experts to seek technical advice anytime. Its always been the favorite pick of most users, reviewers and been awarded for its best service. It provides either Linux-based or Windows-based web hosting services, helping small and medium businesses to grow. Comparatively expensive, the price ranges from $10.95 per month to $16.95 per month.


InMotion offers three shared Web hosting plans which are Linux based ranging from $7.99 per month to $15.99 per month depending on its features.  The service providers offer unlimited websites and domains, largely benefiting the user. In one click it installs WordPress and other popular CMSs and starts with free web transfer  services

Site ground

If you are looking for not-too-grand but an accommodating web host you will probably like what site ground does. Though it seems quite low at ratings, standing way behind its rivals, undeniably it has its own user base. Like most web hosts site ground doesn’t offer a monthly package however it offers one month trial and a one-time free set-up at somewhere around $24.95. You can also get a premium support for free if you choose to.


It offers services with rich features at an affordable cost. 1&1’s WordPress assistance makes it stand out. So 1&1 will be the best choice for self-hosted WordPress blogs. It has both deluxe and ultimate plans starting at $8.99 per month and $14.99 per month respectively.

For all the tech geeks!

DreamHost: It undoubtedly intimidates a fresher, but if you are a webmaster then you will definitely love what Dreamhost does. With deals starting at $10.95 per month, promising a year’s commitment, you can strike the same deal a dollar less, i.e., at $9.95. You can get your first domain (.com, .net, .org or .info) for free and along with this the 97-day cash back guarantees, will for sure leave a wide smile on your face.


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