Google Adsense is the best program for publishers to earn online. Several competitor media could, however, act as Google Adsense alternative and sometimes even yield better.

Why webmasters opt for Google Adsense alternative

Google Adsense is becoming stricter as time goes and that could make more people want to get an alternative to the Google AdSense program.

Here are 10 best Google Adsense alternatives

My analysis and conclusions to these Google Adsense alternatives are based on high payment and targeting of ads.

1. Tribalfusion

Tribalfusion is the best Google Adsense alternative when it comes to the advertisements pay rate. Some of their advertisements could pay even higher than Google Adsense. The downside of tribal fusion is that a site requirement is 5,000 unique users per day which lock out many site owners. Check out the tribal fusion publisher program here and sign up if you have large traffic volume.


Technorati is another good Adsense alternative that has a decent pay for ad placements. The ads served through the media perform well for sites with good traffic from US, UK, and Canada.

Their traffic requirements are not as high as that of tribal fusion, therefore, making it a more preferable Adsense alternative than tribal fusion. CPM from tribal fusion ranges from about $ 0.3-$2 therefore worth giving a try. The downside of Technorati Media is its delays in payments as it may go up to 60 days.


When it comes to finding top AdSense alternative this one is my favorite and would highly recommend it to other publishers. Approval is fast and there are no special requirements like minimum traffic. Their ads can be run alongside Google AdSense and they also have good pay rates. Infolinks has a low payout of $ 50 which makes it even more flexible to publishers.


When it comes to finding search-targeted ad management media to act as an alternative to Adsense then you should keep Chitika in mind. Their ads are search targeted and can be used alongside Google AdSense without any problems. Chitika pays out when one has reached a minimum of $50 via Paypal or check. Click here to Join Chitika today and enjoy search-targeted ad revenue.


I have had experience with Adbrite and I noted that they pay well though they do not have well targeted and relevant ads. It works well for other publishers so it is recommended that you give it a try to see if it can be a good Adsense alternative to you.


Kontera is another good Adsense alternative that is similar to info links. They provide contextual ads that are highly targeted, however, to be approved it is not easier than info links. To be approved you need to have a lot of impressions on your site. However, the payout is low ($50) and paid through Paypal or check.


Clicksor is one of the largest advertising platforms and has a wide range of advertisements including Cost per click/Pay per click, Pay per view and CPM. The wide range of ads served makes it a good choice to look into when going for an Adsense alternative.


I recently came across this new ad media and from what I could experience is that it could be a one of the best Google Adsense alternatives to work with. They have a good pay of $ 0.15 on every valid click. Most of their ads will be in form of banners and convert well with traffic from the US. Join Pocket cents and experience the high payout from the banner ads.


Exit junction allows website owners to make money from ads that appear to people who are leaving the website. Through this you can add something on top of your AdSense revenue. The ads do not affect the visitors and only appear when they are leaving your site. Try exit junction and see if it adds something to your wallet.


Bidvertiser is an older ad another network which is one of the best Adsense alternatives. It lets website owners sell ad space automatically to the highest bidding advertiser.

The website owners are totally dependent on direct bids from advertisers who choose to place ads on their sites. It has a flexible payout system through PayPal, Check and Bank Wire.

These are some of the best Google Adsense alternatives that I could get. However, there are other advertising networks that pay well and act as Google AdSense options.



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